Fact! Most brands are services...

...yet there are few academic books on the topic of

services brand management. That was until now...

Services Brand Management book

What's inside the book:

  • Chapter 1: The history of brands and branding
  • Chapter 2: Strategic brand management
  • Chapter 3: Brand equity and branding models: Brand resonance pyramid and Aaker's brand equity model
  • Chapter 4: Branding services
  • Chapter 5: Branding business-to-business services
  • Chapter 6: ServBrand framework
  • Chapter 7: Brand identity
  • Chapter 8: Brand image and brand co-creation
  • Chapter 9: Brand Identity-Image Congruence framework
  • Chapter 10: Brand equity models and digital brand management
  • Branding Terms and Concepts

"I bought the book "Services Brand Management" last week and its been such a game changer in the way I view the brand of Expansive Accounting and just brand development in general🎙!"

Connor Robertson, Expansive Accounting

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Brands are businesses' most valuable assets, and most brands are services or have a significant service component.

Services Brand Management is an academic book for higher education aimed at graduate marketing students and has two parts. The first part is an in-depth analysis of the history of brands and brand management, strategic brand management, and the most prominent brand equity models. The second part emphasises the importance of services and how services brands can be managed effectively based on scientific evidence. The authors provide two new and comprehensive services brand management frameworks. Both parts combine as a guide to building brand equity.

About the authors

Dr Pieter Steenkamp is a strategic brand management lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. He obtained his PhD from the University of Stellenbosch, focusing on strategic brand management.

His research has been published in major scientific journals, including the Journal of Brand Management and the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing.

He has over 20 years of experience in brand management and marketing.

Pieter is the founder and Director of Brand for Success™, a specialist brand strategy agency guiding clients from startups to leading brands.





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Dr Kuhle Zwakala is a brand marketing lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa. He obtained his DCom in Marketing from the same institution, specialising in strategic brand management with a niche focus on brand identity, brand image, brand positioning, and corporate reputation.

His growing research output has been published in local and international journals such as the Journal of Contemporary Management and the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing.

Prior to his academic career, he worked in various industries, including logistics, FMCG, and financial services.

Kuhle is also a founder and Managing Director at Nanzi Consulting, a brand marketing consultancy specialising in small and medium-sized enterprises in South Africa.


X: @MKzwakala

021 460 33306



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