The BfS Owner platform aims to help you grow your business and succeed through the power of band building

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...and transform your business from ordinary to authentic brand.

Success Secret:

Brand building is the secret to standing out in today's competitive market, yet most business owners do not know how to clarify, focus, and align their brands

...and this could cost them everything!

On the BfS Owner platform, we will show you how to authentically differentiate your brand using the...

Proven 3-Step Brand for Success Process:

Grow Your Business and Succeed...

without uncertainty, doubt and changing what you do all the time.

Together we will take your brand through the Brand for Success process and grow your business.

Here’s what we will do during the process:

Step 1: Clarify Your Brand's Authentic Differentiator

The 1st step of the Brand for Success process entails:

  • How branding actually works
  • The Brand for Success process as the secret to grow your business and succeed
  • Clarify your brand's authentic differentiator
  • Developing your brand mantra, essence, positioning, slogan, architecture, money statement etc.

Step 2: Focus Your Team As Brand Ambassadors

The 2nd step of the Brand for Success process focuses on:

  • Aligning internal brand touchpoints with your authentic brand identity
  • Getting employees to be on-brand/ to live the brand.
  • Internal brand-building workshops, presentations and other communication strategies

Step 3: Align Your Marketing Once And For All

The 3rd step of the Brand for Success process helps you align all your marketing communication to your brand's authentic differentiator, including:

  • Website
  • Sales funnels
  • Adverts
  • Events
  • etc.

What Are You Waiting For?!

When you join the Brand for Success Owner platform right now, we will together

Clarify your brand, Focus your employees as brand ambassadors and

Align your marketing to grow your business and succeed!

Meet your facilitator, Dr Pieter Steenkamp

Pieter Steenkamp, PhD

Dr Pieter Steenkamp, the founder of, is a brand builder and academic with a PhD specialising in brand strategy. As a brand management lecturer and researcher at a university in Cape Town, South Africa, and occasional visiting professor at universities in Germany, he stays up to date with the latest brand management developments.

This affords him the incredible opportunity to help Business Owners/Leaders and Entrepreneurs grow their businesses and succeed through the incredible power of brand building.

Ready To Grow Your Business And Succeed?

What You Can Expect From The Brand For Success Owner Platform

On Your Own

  • Confused about how best to build your brand
  • No proven system to make your brand building effective
  • Constantly involved in everything because your team is not able to stay on-brand without you

As a BfS Owner

  • Absolute clarity about how to build your brand
  • A proven process to build your brand
  • Being able to put a system in place so your team can stay on-brand without needing your constant involvement

Here’s what you get when you Join The Brand For Success Owner Platform Now!

Monthly Schedule

WEEK 1: Masterclass & Implementation

WEEK 2: Success examples & Implementation

WEEK 3: Group coaching call & Implementation

WEEK 4: Group coaching call & Implementation

MONTH 1 [only $1]

Welcome and Overview

  • How brand building actually works
  • The simplified 3-step Brand for Success process to clarify what authentically differentiates your brand, focus your team as brand ambassadors and align your marketing

Month 1, Week 1: Masterclass

Element 1 of step 1 of the 3-step Brand for Success process:

  • Salience
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Brand elements audit and alignment

Month 1, Week 2: Success examples

  • Application of masterclass: case studies and member makeovers
  • Homework: apply to your brand

Month 1, Week 3: Group coaching call

  • Live Q&A to clarify and finalise implementation of this element
  • Homework: apply to your brand

Month 1, Week 4: Implementation Finalisation

  • Members implement and finalise this element of the process to be ready for the next month


  • Continue to be guided through the Brand for Success process one element at a time.

Month 2 to 6 bonuses include:

  • BONUS #1: Workbook with templates
  • BONUS #2: Access to workshop recordings
  • BONUS #3: In-depth website audit with a report
  • BONUS #4: Sales funnel software guidance
  • BONUS #5: Done-for-you sales funnel template
  • + FREE marketing software and funnel builder
  • Grow your business and succeed (Priceless!)

We would love for you to join us so that you can grow your business and succeed through the power of brand building. No catch: The first month is only $1

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